Tuesday, July 12, 2011

five reasons to use video in your marketing

Came across this post and thought I would share it... you can never be too content with your current marketing mix!


Five Advantages of Using Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Statistics provided by YouTube reveal that 67% of internet usage is based on video, and 70% of online users are interested only in watching videos. Online video production is one of the best avenues to drive huge traffic to your website, and video enables you to convey your message in a more effective way than text alone.

Online video production offers numerous benefits to businesses looking to increase their brand recognition and gain a competitive edge. Let's have a look at some of these benefits:

1. Wide Audience: YouTube states that over 25 hours of video are viewed every minute by millions of people. Being a part of these statistics can help increase your brand awareness - assuming you have something people are interested in watching.

2. Video Sharing: If people like your video, they will be more likely to share it with their friends through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The creates an opportunity for a large amount of brand exposure with little effort and spending on your part.

3. More Appealing: There is a famous adage, "Seeing is believing". When people see a product's benefits in action, they tend to believe it faster than if they were to read about them alone.

4. More Interesting: Most people will be more willing to watch a three minute video on your website explaining who you are and what you do, than spend the same amount of time reading text. In addition to longer browsing durations on your site, incorporating video also increases your site's SEO.

5. Client Feedback: By sharing your video on public sites like YouTube and Facebook, you allow for customer interactions and comments to be left. This will help you adapt your offerings according to customer preferences and result in a better customer service experience.

Video marketing is a powerful way of gaining online visibility and building the reputation of your business. Anyone with a business should contemplate adding this increasingly popular medium to their marketing mix!

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