Thursday, May 26, 2011

MMA television pilot

Working alongside a renowned and respected mixed martial arts trainer who is leading the show, Fourgrounds is excited to be brought on as the exclusive producer of the pilot, responsible for everything from on location filming to postproduction. We are also happy to have morro images inc. onboard as our exclusive Visual FX and 3D animations partner for the project.

The pilot, which features four amazing hosts including sporting and broadcasting pros and a Playboy cover girl, was shot by our crew in studio, as well as at industrial facilities and hot spots around Niagara. The show will include interviews with some of the best fighters in the business, "behind the scenes" looks, as well as news and information about the sport and industry of MMA worldwide. This pilot, which is confident will be turned into a regular feature on Canadian networks, is answering the call of the large base of mixed martial arts fans in Ontario, where the sport was recently legalized.

When the show is picked up for its first season, shooting will continue to take place around Southern Ontario, but will also feature segments with fighters shot around the world. One such highlight included in the pilot follows fighters all the way to Sydney, Australia to take a look at "a day in the life", as well as how they prep and train for fights.

Stay tuned for more updates on the show as they happen!


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